J.C. Jacobsen

J.C. Jacobsen's brewery, just outside
the city ramparts of Copenhagen, Denmark, pioneered steam brewing, refrigeration techniques and, greatest of all, the propagation of a single yeast strain. 


He demanded quality above all and his innovations in the art of making beer laid the cornerstone of the modern brewing industry.




1847  J.C. Jacobsen founds Carlsberg outside Copenhagen, Denmark. First brew November 10.

1868  Carlsberg export begins with one barrel of beer sent to Edinburgh, Scotland.

1876  The Carlsberg Foundation is established. 

1882  J.C. Jacobsen's son, Carl, opens a brewery under the name Ny (New) Carlsberg.  J.C. Jacobsen changes the name of his brewery to Gamle (old) Carlsberg.

Emil Christian Hansen

1883 Carlsberg's Emil Christian Hansen develops a method for propagating pure yeast, which revolutionises the brewing industry. The yeast is named Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis and given freely to the world.

1887  J.C. Jacobsen dies. The Carlsberg Foundation takes over Gamle Carlsberg.

1897  Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek opens.

1904  Carlsberg pilsner's famous logo designed by Thorvald Bindesbøll is introduced.


Young Carl Jacobsen

1906  Ny Carlsberg and Gl. Carlsberg join forces under the name Carlsberg Breweries with Carl Jacobsen as Director.

1914  Carl Jacobsen dies. Technical Director Poul C. Poulsen becomes Director of Carlsberg Breweries. 

1939  55% of all beer imported to the U.K. is from Carlsberg.

1950 Winston Churchill visits Denmark. Carlsberg commemorates the event with the launch of a new beer, Special Brew.

1957 Queen Elizabeth II visits Carlsberg.


1968 Carlsberg opens first overseas brewery in Blantyre, Malawi.


1970  Carlsberg and rival Danish brewery Tuborg merge to form the United Breweries A/S.

1975  "Probably the best lager in the world" slogan is introduced with voice-over by Orson Welles.

1992  Carlsberg merges with English brewery Tetley.

1997 Carlsberg becomes sole owner of Carlsberg-Tetley.

2001 Carlsberg Breweries A/S formed. Owned 60% by Carlsberg A/S, and 40% by Orkla ASA.

2004 Carlsberg A/S buys Orkla's share of Carlsberg Breweries.

2005 Jacobsen Housebrewery opens in J.C. Jacobsen's brewery plant from 1847, Gamle Carlsberg.

2008 Brewing activities closed down at Carlsberg in Valby, it is now concentrated in Fredericia. The development of the industrial site in Valby to a new part of the City starts.

Carlsberg. Carlsberg got full control of BBH (The Russian and Baltic breweries) Kronebourg in France, Mythos in Greece and significant shares in breweries in China and Vietnam.