01/03/2010 00:00 

Carlsberg founder JC Jacobsen's only child, Carl Jacobsen, after whom the brewery is named has birthday on 2nd March.

He was born in 1842 and was then 5 years old when his father founded Carlsberg Brewery.

On the occasion of Carl Jacobsen's 168 birthday the Carlsberg Visitors Centre will have a special exhibition of Carl. The exhibition focuses on Carl's life, the Ny Carlsberg brewery, which was founded by Carl in 1881 and on the great impact Carl Jacobsen had on city of Copenhagen. Carl Jacobsen inspired the construction of many monuments and buildings throughout the city, including The Little Mermaid and the impressive Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, which houses one of the largest collections of antique art in Northern Europe.

You can experience the exhibition from 2 March and until the end of this month.