26/06/2009 08:00 

On Saturday, 11th of July 2009 at 3.00 pm

The garden at Carl Jacobsen's house
Valby Langgade 1, 2500 Valby

Find the blankets, family and friends, and join for a lovely day with open air music. Experience the Danish folk musician Sebastian in the beautiful surroundings of Carl Jacobsen's garden.

Sebastian first made a name of himself as a folk singer/songwriter à la Bob Dylan and Donovan on records like "Den store flugt" (1972) - his first in Danish - which gave him his breakthrough as a sensitive and personal songwriter.

He helped define the Danish folk singing genre with a series of strong, personal songs that were often poetic or mildly political. At the same time he is an artist who can sing about love, spring water and cheese so we understand why we can’t do without any of them.

Songs like ‘Når Lyset Bryder Frem’, ‘Stille Før Storm, ‘Romeo’ and ‘Du Er Ikke Alene’ have become the soundtrack to the dreams, disappointments and hopes of several generations.” Today

Sebastian still touches our heart with his melancholy voice and melodious guitar.


Food and beverage:
It is possible to buy beer, soft drinks, and sandwiches.

Transportation and parking options:
Bus line 18 and 26 stop next door.
Free parking at Gamle Carlsberg Vej – Though there are limited parking spaces. There are parking meters at the Carlsberg area.

Adults: DKK 350
Children under the age of 14: DKK 175

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