23/04/2010 09:00 

Once again the Danish summer is launched with Red Tuborg, which will be celebrating it's 137th birthday. As it is Tuborg's first beer, we mark the occasion with a little display at the Visitors Centre, as well as present the opportunity to buy the beer at our store, or taste it at our bar.

Red Tuborg is the Tuborg brewery's first beer, it was launched in 1875. The beer war marketed under the name Lagerbeer, but soon gained its nickname "Tuborger". Later on, the beer gained another nickname: "Red". And in time it was dubbed Red Tuborg.

The first time you encounter the name in official use, is in an advert from 1932.

As in the old days, you use four kinds of barley: Münchener-, Pilzner-, Caramell-, and colormalt, since there is not used any brewsyrup in the beer, it is considered an all-malt beer.

The beer was removed from the rooster at the end of 2002, as it did not perform well in the market. But under considerable consumer demand, it was relaunched for a short period of time, on the 30th of April 2007 to commemorate Tuborgs birthday the 13th of May.

With its annual launch in May, Red Tuborg is becoming a regular spring beer.

This little exhibition on Red Tuborg at the Visitors Centre will be followed by several other Carlsberg events, in the centre as well as our store and bar. Come by to see the exhibition and stay for the offers and beers.